Hope and Help Counseling
There is hope for growth, change and your dreams to come true.
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 Joan's Method

1st The problem is IDENTIFIED.
      This is done by gathering information:  listening, assessments and testing, etc.

2nd The problem needs to be CLARIFIED.
       Insights are gained on how the problem is affecting
       the clients attitudes, behavior and thinking.

3rd The ROOT of the problem needs to be EXPOSED.
      What is causing the problem is made clear.

      to be used or developed to bring about change.

5th The counselor holds the counselee ACCOUNTABLE   
      TO TAKE STEPS towards the plan or course of action
      to bring about change.


There are two poles of counseling approaches that can be used:

DIRECTIVE: The counselor basically tells or advises the person about what to do. The counselor assumes more of a dominant role using The Truth or a Christian perspective as the source of authority. This approach is characterized by exhortation, confrontation and/or warning.

NON-DIRECTIVE: The counselor guides the counselee in coming up with his/her own solutions to problems by reflecting on what the counselee says and feels. The counselor is more of a facilitator 
than an initiator. This is more of a client-centered approach.  Encouragement, support, and empathy characterize this approach. 

Which approach do you think is best? Taken to their extremes, I believe the directive approach can be judgmental, harsh and too assuming and the non directive approach can be too humanistic, laid back and not helpful. While each model has its limitations, they both can contribute greatly to the counseling setting. I do not want to get locked into one style. My desire is to view each client as an individual and each situation they are facing as unique. What may be needed for one person may be useless or harmful for the next person. As your counselor I want to be sensitive to where you are and use the approach that best fits the need of the moment. My goal is to give you hope and help. This does not mean you will always agree with me, but I am committed to using the approach that is in your highest and best interest.